Calming color schemes help you create a bedroom that's perfect for slumber. You can go with modern decor that focuses a lot more on paint colors than bold wood tones to help with the soothing effect. Chiasso and CB2 both offer modern bedroom decor. Gray can be masculine, feminine, or neutral. For the bedroom this could include other cool colors like rose or aqua. You can also make this feel very contemporary. Black furniture is very popular, but you might not classify it as soothing. Add in gray walls to remove some of the contrast in the room so the black won't feel as harsh.

Retro palettes might not initially seem soothing. However, these color palettes focused on a mustard yellow as well as an olive green. If you have a lot of modern white furniture, bring in these tones on your bedding. This is one of the more subtle ways to do modern decor which usually brings in pops of colors. This works well with a lot of the white goose down bedding or furniture that you might already own. Almost any color palette can be soothing as long as you use it correctly. Just sticking with several shades of one color can be very calming and it allows you to combine taupe walls and white furniture together. Even vibrant colors like turquoise can work in a soothing color palette when placed with deeper teals.

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